Life's Journey with Down Syndrome

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 We need help spreading the word...

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We need help spreading the word... Empty
PostSubject: We need help spreading the word...   We need help spreading the word... Icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2011 8:14 am

Hey Everyone,

I hope this is the right place to post this message, I sent a message off to the administrator but haven't heard back yet...

Yep, Newbie here! But I have a project I am working on that could use your help. I recently came across your website and was impressed with your efforts. I am in the process of starting a project here in Florida that will hopefully help change the worlds view on hiring adults with disabilities…

I have a company I launched last Monday the 13th called Carbon Crafters, Inc. This company is a composite manufacturing company that I plan to use as a platform to release a wide variety of innovative carbon fiber products. (One of which, will create a whole new market segment in the RV and Boating industries) While carbon fiber is a cutting edge material and the products we will ultimately produce are going to be high tech, the most exciting aspect will be the fact that we are devoted to having our workforce primarily made up of adults with disabilities. A good friend of mine is a Job Coach for an adults with disabilities class here in Pasco County Florida and she has 40+ students that they have not been able to find employment for. We started this past week on a fund raising effort to get this project off the ground and hope to have the company ready by the time the adults with disabilities classes start back up again in August. We even plan to work with one of the Pasco county school media directors to film a documentary about the entire process. Below is a link to our RocketHub Fund raising effort and a link to our website. I would really appreciate your input and help in spreading the word about our plan…

Rocket Hub

Carbon Crafters, Inc.

I am hoping that members of this community will see the value in what we are trying to accomplish and provide input and questions concerning how we plan to accomplish our lofty goals. An open forum of discussion is the best way to fine tune an idea or plan, that's how the profit sharing plan came about and that's what I am hoping to accomplish here. We are not limiting ourselves to working with anyone with certain disabilities or conditions... It simply comes down to the applications we receive and students our job coaches are already working with. We will have seven different job types; Administration and Clerical, Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Shipping and Logistical. So, if anyone has any suggestions, comments or questions about our planned work environment, please chime in... If we can identify potential problems and or conflicts with the needs of other employees at this stage, we will be better prepared when it comes time to implement policy.

Jason Coment
Carbon Crafters, Inc.
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We need help spreading the word...
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