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 Longvida Curcumin information

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PostSubject: Longvida Curcumin information   Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:04 pm

Here's the info I have about Longvida Curcumin - it's a lot. I'll post all the info first and then I'll put the logs I've kept of all the changes we have seen with Osiyyah in another post - too much to put in one post! These are all from emails I've sent to a DS list I'm on:

Verdue Sciences/UCLA bioavailable Curcumin:

Quote :
I emailed Blake Ebersole yesterday about obtaining some of the curcumin UCLA has developed - Longvida. He emailed me back today with information about it and how to order it.

It's not exactly the cheapest thing, but it's not too expensive either. It is 60 cents a capsule and each capsule is 500mgs. In general they are recommending 2 caps per day for adults. They will do volume discounts for orders over 1000 caps. The price may change, as this is all really new still and this is just "introductory pricing."

They have used it in about 500 people so far (including some ongoing clinical studies) and had almost no side effects reported. He said there have been a couple instances of diarrhea from initial high doses, but it did not continue.

Here's some information I found about Longvida:

"Longvida is based on a patent-pending invention we license from UCLA that was developed by a group in the Alzheimers center there. As you probably know, curcumin has tremendous promise as a potential Alzheimer's treatment and anti-inflammatory and has at least 10 different neuroprotective effects, but its not water soluble or bioavailable via oral dosing. What we have done is scale up this technology that coats curcumin microparticles with an
amphiphilic/lipophilic coating. The support for its absorption is based on pK data and research from UCLA showing it reverses amyloid beta, tau tangles, neuroinflammation, and neurooxidation in Alzheimer's models. The formula was selected from hundreds of mainly lipid-based formulas that were tried and this one was selected based on bioavailability data in animals and humans. Of particular interest is what we believe to be the highest brain curcumin levels in animals that have been achieved via oral dosing. All the ingredients are commonly found in the food chain and are legal dietary supplement and food additive ingredients."

More on Longvida Curcumin:

Quote :
I asked Blake Ebersole some more questions yesterday and asked if he had any research regarding this specific product that he could pass on. He sent me the powerpoint that was given at Neuroscience in November and also gave me another pdf from the UCLA Alzheimer's researcher who I have been in contact with (Sally Frautschy). I haven't looked at what he sent yet, but I will be going through it.

Because the data regarding this formula has not been published yet, I cannot post or give any of the above info that he sent me out. UCLA is in the process of putting the manuscript together and the journals won't publish data that has been made public elsewhere. I will “take notes” though and see if there is anything in what he sent me that I think y’all will find interesting.

He also told me about a few other children who are taking this and how much they are taking, because I asked. I was originally considering just giving Osiyyah 500mgs, but seeing the other dosages some of the children are taking (3 yr old - 6000mgs, 4 yr old twins - 2-4g [2000-4000mgs], two teenagers (1000, 4000 & 6000mgs), I am rethinking how much we will give him. I think we will initially work up to 1000mgs and go from there depending on what we see, etc.

I emailed Chris Hempel (mom of the twin girls with Niemann Pick Type C Diseases) and asked her a few questions regarding the dosages her daughters take and all. She gives them 6 capsules a day (3000mgs) each.

Curcumin Information from Prof. Sally Frautschy (UCLA prof of neurology & helped develop Longvida): Note: I have quite a bit more info from her and I can post that up later, Lord willing

Quote :
Here is the info about Curcumin from Sally Frautschy:

I emailed all this information to Dr. L as he is considering adding this to the Trisomy 21 Research Foundation Recommended Protocol.

I emailed Sally Frautschy (UCLA dept. of neurology & the professor who helped develop Longvida) earlier in the week and thought you guys might be interested in what she said.

I emailed her the log of what we have seen with Osiyyah, as I have been in contact with her since before we started Longvida. She was glad to know that we have seen changes and she also said she was surprised that we had seen all those improvements at such a low dose. I was surprised as well, as I really didn't expect to see any changes. But, what we saw (& see) is so amazing, it has to be from the Longvida.

She said that there is only 200mgs of Curcumin per 1000mgs. The other ingredients in Longvida are the fatty acid and lecithin. The fatty acid and such are necessary to help make the Curcumin bioavailable.

She also suggested giving the full Curcumin dose once a day, at night or before bedtime. This will help so that the Curcumin can do it's optimum, while the child is resting and it's body isn't "working" on anything else.
But, it's also because it will build up in fatty tissues, like the brain, so it doesn't need to be given more than once a day.

She also recommended giving a higher dose for 7 days once a month. I am considering doing that with Osiyyah. He will be taking 2000mgs/day and then for 7 days a month go up to 3000mgs/day.

We have been giving it to Osiyyah at night (1500mgs) since Monday and there have been no problems.

I had emailed this info to a few of the other families giving Longvida to their kids & to Dr. L (as he is considering putting this in the protocol), but I thought I'd email it to y'all.


Alright guys, I asked Sally Frautschy a few more questions to get some more information from her and this is what she replied with.

Question 1 - "What do you think an ideal dose of Longvida would be for a child with DS (let's say age 4)?"

Sally said he best guess is that a baseline for a small child would be 250-500mg of Curcumin. Which would be 1250-2500mg of Longvida. We are at the 2000mg/day mark (after being at 1500 for the past week), and just may increase to 2500mg. We will see how things go.

Question 2 - "You suggested to increase the dose for 7 days a month. Is that to help it (Curcumin) build up in the fatty tissues?"

Sally said it is to help build up the dose in fatty tissues, but it is more specifically to clear amyloid from the brain. She said the dose for clearing amyloid appears to be higher.

Question 3 - "How much of a higher dose do you think would be necessary to clear the amyloid from the brain?"

Sally said in a study using mice getting levels of 0.5 uM in plasma is high enough to reduce the size of preexisting plaques in mice in 7 days. She said that seems to be a good target.. She would suggest giving a young child 1000mg Curcumin (which is equivalent to 5000mgs Longvida).

Curcumin Studies & Where to Order Longvida Curcumin:

Quote :

Neurogenesis and Synaptogenesis

Neurogenesis in the hippocampus

Curcumin increases GSH levels

Improved memory & inhibits apoptosis

Where to order bioavailable Curcumin:

Blake Ebersole
1250 E. Conner Street
Noblesville, IN 46060 USA

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PostSubject: Re: Longvida Curcumin information   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:57 am

Qadoshyah, Thanks for the info.
Mary Beth
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PostSubject: Re: Longvida Curcumin information   Sat Aug 08, 2009 9:09 am

Thank you for posting all this. I just skimmed it but will go back and read it more thoroughly.

Mom to Oliver, 7 (DS, ADHD)
and Sebastian, 6
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PostSubject: Re: Longvida Curcumin information   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:43 pm

You're welcome Smile.
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Erin's Mom

Erin's Mom

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PostSubject: Re: Longvida Curcumin information   Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:08 pm

After hearing that India has the lowest rate of Alzheimer's disease, by 4 -5 time the rate of other countries, I am interested in learning more about curcumin. (I love the taste of the spice in Indian/ Asian food...yum!) I am primarily interested in this supplement as a means of alzheimer's prevention for Erin and myself (it runs in my family) Thanks for you info, Qadoshyah....I will be checking out your links. Kris

Another link:

Edited to say that was not the link I meant to post, although it is fine. Now I lost the article that showed the rates of AD and the link to Curcumin...I'll post it if I can find it Smile. Oh well...I'm sure Qadoshyah's links are better anyway LOL Kris
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PostSubject: Re: Longvida Curcumin information   

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Longvida Curcumin information
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